Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is Here!

What is a better way to kick of the Christmas Season then to have a flag football tournament. During the last game a ball was tipped and the trophy was hit. A nice tape job was done and the trophy was fixed.

Of Course Josh had to go see Santa

And we got Santa to come see Abby.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rocks and Trees

Josh, Abby, our neighbor Ray and I headed up to Linville Gorge to get some rocks for our neighborhood fire pit. Once we got to the bottom of the Gorge, Josh found the biggest pile of rocks ever and concured it before Abby even had a chance.
Ray and Josh loaded up the truck while I supervised.

When we got back the team needed a picture with all their treasure.

Josh and Abby started digging the pit

Of course Abby would not stop digging even when both men worked with shovels.

As they were digging and building I decorated the house, and then Abby. I think Abby is a cute Rudolph.