Thursday, January 17, 2013

On a Cold Winter's Night

 As the Christmas season has turned into the rainy season, we have found ways to stay warm during story time. Cyprus is just like her mama, she loves blankets!

This little lady is going to be two in a couple of weeks.... How time flies!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Amazing Holiday Season

This holiday season was pretty exciting. Pictures will be arriving from many different places to create an amazing Christmas vacation collage. At the moment here are the pictures that I took during our break.

Cyprus looks pretty grown up in her seat, however since she is under two we decided to make her a lap child...Thank goodness she turns two soon, that was a hard couple of hours.

There wasn't much snow on the ground, but she still had a blast. This little girl knows how to have a good time.

And when she wasn't outside, she was making a mess with her kitchen food, that her mommy used to play with.

When when got back to North Carolina, the Christmas festivities continued. More food to play with along with an apron. Cyprus could have opened presents for days. Now that she has the hang of it, she is ready for her birthday...... oh dear.

After a hard day's work of opening and playing with new toys, Cyprus took a much deserved winter's nap.