Sunday, September 23, 2012


The Apple festival was last week. Emmanuel Lutheran Church passed out water to anyone who needed a little refresher. We also had crafts for the kids. We were one of the few free booths there. Who would have thought that small town USA would have sported such an important celebrity.

 Cyprus pretty much figured out the water passing out pretty quickly. She went to the cooler, grabbed a water, and ran to someone on the street yelling "agwa"

She was very useful

 The other kids were apprehensive about getting water from a toddler, but the adults thought it was "Just the sweetest thing!"

 The Collins family has been quite busy with school starting back. Josh is in the grad school swing, and I am driving 45 minutes to work each day for my job that I adore. Cyprus is always into something and pictures are normally blurry. She has started to say sentences that are important to her, such as, "daddy got pockets?" and "I did it". She repeats everything, which makes conversations less vibrant, to say the least. We will work harder taking pictures.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Beginning of September

Cyprus has started really enjoying books. She is listening to them, and answering simple questions. She likes to find characters in the books, especially animals. 

This afternoon it rained, we were still able to have a dance party on the porch and open up the new sidewalk chalk that Josh got her. 

Abby was even allowed to participate in the outdoor activities without her leash on. Once the fence disappeared back in May Abby got the short end of the leash.... literally.

Poor Shelby, she never saw it coming.....

And even after Cyprus drew on her with chalk, Shelby still hung around. 

Yesterday while we were at Walmart, we had a bad parenting experience and gave Cyprus some coke slushee. However, we turned our mistake into a positive event. When we got home we gave Cyprus a shovel and a liter of coke, she is going to save Boo & Pops thousands of dollars on their de-molding project!