Sunday, January 30, 2011

15 days and counting

We have fifteen days until the due date and eleven more days until Josh gets back from Minnesota. Baby girl and I have talked numerous times and all she has to do is wait eleven days. At the moment that is not a problem considering that she has not found an opening yet.
However until we get to meet our little baby girl, here is another sweetie to look at. Ellie is cousin Sarie's daughter. Beth and I went to Black mountain to visit some family over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Beth enjoyed her time with Ellie while Sarie studied and I took a nap.
Today told me I was a little mama, but I think that title really goes to Sarie

Last week I had three baby showers in a row. It was a crazy pink extravaganza! I have not gotten pictures of the first two, but St. James really out did themselves with presents. We are truly blessed!

At the moment Josh is crazy busy in the cold north accomplishing great things and I have been put on bed rest for half days to try and lower my blood pressure. I only have 10 more school days, but the ladies at work are already taking bets on when I will be out of commission. Hopefully not sooner than later.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Beginnings

Well It's official...Abby and I have left our home in Cherryville, NC for the Upper Mid-West. We are looking forward to many adventures in this new place and to having Arden come and join us ASAP. We dont have any real news to share today...We just wanted to say Hello and that we thank you for dropping in to check on us and that we are doing fine.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Move

After two days of traveling the gang got to Minnesota. Abby was so excited to stretch her legs, but was quite confused why her daddy had taken her to such a cold place. While Josh, Shovel and Abby arrived on the 27th our moving truck did not, and still has not. Josh was told today that our van would arrive tomorrow (Sunday Jan. 9th). We will keep you posted.
I think everyone was pretty amazed by the amount of snow, all that is except the Minnesotans.

While Josh has been waiting patiently for our van to arrive he has turned our house into a home, by painting every room. He spent last weekend attacking the house with beautiful colors. Through his adventures with paint he has made some new friends at the hardware store. Josh has never met a stranger, that's for sure.

The office

The Living Room

Cyprus' Room

Our Bedroom (you can see Josh's sleeping pallet in the front)

As for me, I started back with kids on Monday. We got renters in our house on Tuesday, and the week has been productive. I have been trying to get my feet up as much as possible since I have recently discovered kankles where my ankles used to be. I have also received more comments about "my condition" as a pregnant lady. Apparently once you start looking like a house you should not leave the house.