Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer is here!

Well its been a few weeks. There have been over 200 pictures taken of me and my adventures, however Google Blogger can not hold that many pictures at once so here are a few.
Boo took me on an adventure to see her family for the day. I'm pretty interested by my cousin Elly. She can walk and talk a little. When we get older we are going to be best friends.
I have finally started cereal! My new adventure is quite a messy one.

Mama is constantly juggling the two of us. Abby gets jealous and I cant walk so together we help mama build her arm muscles.

I love my books (I am quite advanced)!
We went to visit my Fairy Godmother this past week. It rained for most of our time with her, but we did find an opportunity to go for a hike.
Here is the family photo on top of Elks Knob.
Our last Elks Knob picture was back in October, apparently it made the Christmas card, but I was still baking,
By the way, is there anyone who does not like a frog hat?
I'm pretty sure the answer is no.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A week ago

I had so much fun last weekend. There were to many adventures to count.

First, mama and I tried out our pool. I didn't know that Abby liked to swim also.

I then got in my jumperoo for the first time. Apparently there are supposed to be lights and music. once the adults figure out were the batteries go I'm sure I will like it even more.
On Sunday my aunt Katie participated in a half marathon in Washington State. We were able to watch everyone cross the finish line. Those people were coming straight towards me!
Sunday was also my big swimming test. Can you find me?
This pool had more waves and splashing than the one at home with Abby.
Maybe now that mama is done with work for the summer she will post pictures sooner.....