Saturday, June 30, 2012


 Lots of our time in Vermont was spent down by the creek. The weather was crazy hot, so we took advantage of the water.

 Cyprus is sitting in her Great Aunt Martha's rocking chair.

Playing with her mama's old toys

Cyprus and Ophelia became best friends quickly. However their visits had to be supervised. 

A trip to Vermont would not be complete without Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

It's just so life like!

Awake at 5


and silly

Monday, June 18, 2012

Half way through June

June has been quite an eventful time, mama finished up school, I stopped going regularly to daycare, we have had visitors and dad had a day yesterday. Quite amazing!

 I really am the best helper EVER

Uncle David came to play with me. He spent the night and I'm pretty sure I wore him slap out! Of course I did it with a smile. 

Dad's day was yesterday. He wanted to go see the ducks and play on the playground. My kind of day!

As an independent little girl I wanted to feed the ducks on my own. I am really good at breaking up rice cakes for them to eat. Of course I like the snack also. 

What would be a day at the park without the most fun slide EVER!  I even went down it on my own even though there is no evidence to back that statement up.

Mama and I are going to Vermont tomorrow to see Papa, GrAnna & Naomi. We should have some fun pictures from that adventure.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Days in May


MOM, why have you neglected the blog? Dad and I know people are checking up on it! What are you thinking?

Boo and I share a snack at six in the morning. There is nothing like a yogurt party with your Boo before you go to school.

Dad and I checked out the ducks near the park. There were tons of them, and they were all swimming and playing with each other. 


No more pictures please

I said no more pictures