Monday, June 18, 2012

Half way through June

June has been quite an eventful time, mama finished up school, I stopped going regularly to daycare, we have had visitors and dad had a day yesterday. Quite amazing!

 I really am the best helper EVER

Uncle David came to play with me. He spent the night and I'm pretty sure I wore him slap out! Of course I did it with a smile. 

Dad's day was yesterday. He wanted to go see the ducks and play on the playground. My kind of day!

As an independent little girl I wanted to feed the ducks on my own. I am really good at breaking up rice cakes for them to eat. Of course I like the snack also. 

What would be a day at the park without the most fun slide EVER!  I even went down it on my own even though there is no evidence to back that statement up.

Mama and I are going to Vermont tomorrow to see Papa, GrAnna & Naomi. We should have some fun pictures from that adventure.

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