Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Step Closer

Four weeks ago Cyprus' Room looked like this...
As of today her room still needs a little more work, but we are getting closer.

We have even caught Abby curled up in the bouncy seat, but have been unable to get a picture of her cute little Jack Russel self curled up with the giraffe.
Abby has been super cuddly with me the past couple of weeks. Any opportunity that she gets Abby is curled up with her body around my stomach. Cyprus has been known to kick her in the face once in a while. We are pretty sure that Abby believes I am carrying a puppy.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A couple of weeks of fun

Josh's sister Hannah came all the way from California to take pictures of my belly. Well, I guess she also came to the east coast to take her final exams for grad school at UT. Either way we are glad that she was here.

After church I got mistaken for Hannah. Once I explained that she was the one living in CA, the poor woman asked which one of us was pregnant. I personally took that as a compliment.
Last week we went to the Renaissance Festival with our neighbors. It was quite an amazing adventure. Our first show that we got to see was a man who swallowed swords. Granted the picture below was of him swallowing a giant pink balloon, I promise there were swards involved.

Josh fit in prefect with the locals.

After attending our first pirate show, Josh was invited back to help Bonnie Lass walk a rope on stage. His only job was to make sure that she did not fall and hurt herself.

He had some difficulty after all the drinking with the other pirates during the jousting match.

Of course the second time, they both got the hang of it. By the end of the rope walking mission, Bonnie Lass was amazed at my patience in the matter of being Josh's wife, and dealing with him for more than a 45 minute show.

All in all the festival was fun. We cannot wait for next year.