Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some of the summer

 The summer has really gotten away from us. Mama has done a horrible job with our blog. We still have three weeks left already there are hundreds of pictures that need to be shown. Oh well, they will be put online when she get's around to it. Instead here are a few from early July.
 As you can see the summer has not been all fun and games. There has been time out. My time out spot is Abby's sunning spot, so when I end up there, she ends up leaving... we try to coexist with one another, but I am just to much for her.
 I am learning how to be an effective thrower. The rules don't make sense to me yet, throw only hard objects outside, soft objects inside, hit targets outside, don't hit targets inside....
I'm just looking for a little consistency here!
 This picture is of my fairy godmother is getting ready to have a baby! Laura and Johnathon let us come for the weekend to their mountain house to help. Dad did a ton this weekend, and mom got her work out watching over me.

Oh and Laura did have her baby, it was a girl just like me!
 While everyone else was busy moving furniture, I decided to move Benji, because lets face it, he was going anywhere fast.
 Then Johnathon decided to move me!
 I must admit, he is pretty cool. Anyone who can keep a full Beard all summer in Mountains of North Carolina without having air conditioning is one fool I don't want to mess with.
  Boo has been showing me how to play on the IPAD, I'm not as good as my cousins Simon and Finn, but I'm getting there. 

As for this last picture, there is a story. When my mommy was little, during bath time her daddy (papa) made her in to a punk rocker. She was so excited each time that she asked to be made into a gram cracker.  So tonight, mama made me into a gram cracker.

Beach Pictures Coming Soon