Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 15

Last night I felt baby move for the first time! It was simply amazing! Baby started out with bubbles (Josh's dad, Micheal thinks it was farting), then there were spurts of butterfly movement.
Today I went to the Dr. I told him about the movement, he said it was a little early. However, when he went to listen to the heartbeat the baby wouldn't stop moving enough for the Dr. to hear the heart beat. We could hear the little one swimming around, but no heart beat. Because my little Avocado was in the middle of it's work out, we had to do an ultra sound. Baby was defiantly break dancing! The Dr. printed off a picture so we have another one to add to our photo album.
**Note: Last weeks picture may seem larger than others due to the photographer laying on the couch. As you can see that might be the photographers angle of choice.

As you can see Josh is still being a crazy man. And now there are two of him!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Busy Weekend

This was the second weekend in a row for baseball! On Friday we headed to Hickory to watch the crawdads play the Riverdogs of Charelston. We were fortunate enough to have Hannah, Zach, and Beth come with us. Since this was a family weekend Josh felt it necessary to remind Hannah what it is like to hang with him. During the third inning Hannah and Zach had a dance off on the first base dug out for a gift card. Why? Because Josh signed them up for it. Such a sweet guy!

Josh and I are expecting our first child around Valentines Day. That makes me 14 weeks pregnant. I have gotten over all of the sickness and for the most part I am staying away from the three hour naps, even though they are glorious.
School starts for teachers tomorrow so I am trying to get in the habit of getting nauseous at school instead of at home. So far I'm doing quite well.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It has been three years!

On Friday Josh and I headed to Atlanta to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary a little early. Since we both have to work on Thursday we decided to take some time to enjoy ourselves.
We met up with Lindsay and her boy Scott. They gave us a great air mattress to sleep on. While Josh slept like a baby I became sea sick and moved to the couch.
Saturday morning Lindsay decided that we needed to go shoot at something.... And so we did
Josh was the only one who had been skeet shooting before. He was amazing!

I on the other hand did the best I could. If I ever have to shoot something I hope it is super big and close.

The real present that we gave ourselves was the Braves game that night. We were both amazed at how tall Chipper Jones really is.
Our seats were six rows from the field. We watched the Braves beat the Giants 3-0. On our way back to Lindsay's apartment we accidentally took a little detour to the south side of Atlanta. After our little excitement Josh decided that he would take the initiative to drive anywhere in Atlanta.... Thanks Baby!

Some fun times this summer

Shelby spent the majority of the summer with us, which was wonderful. She decided to stay behind while her parents headed off to Washington and then drove across the country to California. There were a couple of moments when Shelby didn't think she made the right decision, but it all worked out. However she was very grateful to take the Journey back to Newton.

Josh decided to start the summer trimming up our neighbors tree that was looking a little rough. While Abby is trying to "help", Shelby is waiting for someone to play ball with her.

During Memorial Day we had a big block party, the set up was a little touch and go for a bit, while the weather decided what to do, but once everything was good to go we had a blast.

We even partook in a wonderful slip-n-slide. While Josh only went down a few times, I spent hours upon hours slipping and sliding!

We did take some time to go camping along the French Broad River and celebrate our relationship with one another. Josh surprised me with white water rafting. We played in the river and went next door and soaked in the hot springs. It was an unforgettable weekend!