Monday, August 9, 2010

Some fun times this summer

Shelby spent the majority of the summer with us, which was wonderful. She decided to stay behind while her parents headed off to Washington and then drove across the country to California. There were a couple of moments when Shelby didn't think she made the right decision, but it all worked out. However she was very grateful to take the Journey back to Newton.

Josh decided to start the summer trimming up our neighbors tree that was looking a little rough. While Abby is trying to "help", Shelby is waiting for someone to play ball with her.

During Memorial Day we had a big block party, the set up was a little touch and go for a bit, while the weather decided what to do, but once everything was good to go we had a blast.

We even partook in a wonderful slip-n-slide. While Josh only went down a few times, I spent hours upon hours slipping and sliding!

We did take some time to go camping along the French Broad River and celebrate our relationship with one another. Josh surprised me with white water rafting. We played in the river and went next door and soaked in the hot springs. It was an unforgettable weekend!

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