Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Mountains

Check out how big I am.
I am getting strong
I went to Black Mountain on Saturday to visit some wonderful people. Aunt Sarie and I had a good time playing.
However, Ellie was my favorite! She shared her toys with me.
On Sunday, daddy and mama took me to the mountains. We saw all of the pretty leaves and took a hike up Mt. Mitchell.
You win again mountains.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


These days I am all smiles! I have learned how to crawl on my hands and knees. Since I am now on the move all the time mama and daddy have to really start baby proofing the house. My favorite thing to chase is Abby. She keeps retreating to higher ground, but one day I will be able to climb.

My grammy, papa and Emmett came to visit me. Grammy loved on me and gave me my bottle. They brought books for mama to read to me and for me to eat. While I napped they took mama and daddy out to lunch.

We also went to the fair. Daddy showed me all of the animals. I got to pet a cow, this huge camel was more interested in daddy then me, but I was more interested in it's baby. When we went through the petting zoo an outrage tried to eat daddies backpack strap, mama had to hold on to me so I wouldn't fall out. What an exciting fair experience.

I have learned how to eat cheerios. I am pretty good about getting snacks to my face, but sometime they don't make it to my mouth and get stuck on my chin. When this happens I can't even get them with my tong.

Maybe next time it wont take mama a month to update the blog, but I say this so often it has started to sound redundant.