Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Evening

Abby and I are tired of the wet. It has rained almost everyday for the past two weeks. There was one random day of 90 degrees. The rain has prevented many fun activities that we have had planned. Last weekend we were supposed to have a kick ball tournament, but it got rained out. We did however go over to Ray's, our neighbors, and play darts. The tournament is scheduled for November 1st. I will be in Greensboro for the states Special Education conference.
School has been crazy busy, almost everyday there has been a meeting or training of some sort. All I can really say is that I miss elementary school more than I thought I ever would. Each day I come home and work towards my masters. 13 more weeks and I will be officially done!
Soccer season is upon us in the great town of Cherryville. Once God realized that children can't play soccer in thunderstorms the season will get underway. Silly God... Josh will be spending Monday, Thursday, and Saturdays at the park with all the children. This is his second year in charge of soccer and he is in the grove.

Josh has a different way of dealing with the weather

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