Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Clean Beautiful and Very Tasty Weekend

Saturday-The three of us went to Camp Karyae to help clean up on Saturday. Abby was the most excited out of the group until we got to the park and discovered five hundred boy scouts. Abby hates boy scouts, children in uniforms are her worst nightmare. We reassured her that there were only about two hundred of them.

Abby found a Spider man ball to play with while we worked.
Soon she found a doughnut dropped by a boy scouts.
She has determined that not all men in uniforms are bad,
just the mailman

Josh was on pressure washing patrol.
As you can see there were about four leaks in the hose.

As Josh continues to pressure wash the park to make our country more beautiful,
Abby stares at the flag proud to be an American.

The hose was replaced and Josh was able be more effective with his work. I helped pick up trash, move logs, and threw tons of junk away.
The dumpster was full by the time the day was through.
*Last night Josh came up with a wonderful date.
It was a little something he liked to call the 3 B's (Burgers, Beer, and Bed)
He made double cheese burgers, brought beer and we ate in bed
while watching Benjamin Button.
It was quite enjoyable!*
Sunday- We had a very productive day today. I repainted the bathroom white. When I was growing up every room in our house was white. I have always disliked the color, or the absence of. However that was one of the only colors we had in our building. Over the summer I painted the bathroom peach, after the paint dried it was determined our bathroom would not stay that color for long. It took three months. Hopefully by Christmas we will actually have the bathroom a color we both like.
Josh's saga continues with his buildings. Today he put up shelves to show off his beer bottle collection. He still needs about five more shelves to complete his project. He is starting to run out of wall space. The collection is now reaching 400 bottles and grows every time he sees an new beer he has not tasted yet.
It is the best tasting hobby a man could ever have.

We are happy North Carolina does not have earth quakes!

Josh would love your help building his collection.

The rule is that he must try the beer before the bottle goes up.

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Mike and Beth said...

What a wonderful weekend! I am impressed!