Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frisbee Golf

Friday Josh, his parents and I went to play a round of Frisbee golf in Hickory. We were not the only ones who took advantage of the beautiful day.

Almost the entire course is in the woods.
We climbed up hills, and ran down hills,
we ducked under branches, and rustled through bushes.
Josh even retrieved my Frisbee from a never ending puddle.

The score was neck and neck until the last hole
the odds were on Michael to win, but Josh came back to steal the glory.

The day was super fun.

Josh and I are looking for a fun Christmas picture,
this is our favorite so far.

1 comment:

Mike and Beth said...

What a blast! We had so much fun! Thankful for you! Oh, and, I would be glad to take another picture of you.....! :)