Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Holiday Season

Our Holiday Season was filled with family, dogs and snuggies. We went to Josh's parents home for Christmas Eve. On Christmas we had our small celebration, and then later that day my parents came for a visit. Kathy and Shelby joined us for our Holiday adventure.
While my parents were hear we decided to take them to a Frisbee golf course to experience our new favorite game.
Lets just say we walked a lot, sometime it was not in the direction of the basket.

Abby did a very good job of sharing her daddy with Shelby, but Shelby's visiting hours with Josh became closely monitored. Shelby also became closely monitored after she ate two deer burgers off the counter.

As it was mentioned before our entire family received snuggies for Christmas, even little Abby. I myself was fortunate enough to receive not just one, but two blankets with sleeves.

Over the break Josh decided to add power to his buildings. Now we will not be restricted to day visits out in the building, and Josh is able to have a man cave. We are both pumped about the man cave.

Poor Kathy has doggie dementia. She has been forgetting key part of her daily routine. After the hole was dug for the wire to the buildings Kathy panicked about Shelby getting lost in the hole. She was so worried she contemplated going in after her, but then decided to let Abby do it since she was younger.

As the holidays wound down Josh and Abby went back to their normal routine.