Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 23

Six weeks has flown by. We have started getting ready for baby girl by stocking up on a few items. We sold our couch and put our futon in the living room, making more room in Cyprus' room. We have had many different families provide us with their used baby supplies.

Anna and Lee bought C her car seat and stroller. We are both super excited about the stroller, it is a compact jogger with three wheels which is able to maneuver through out stores as well.

Even though Josh has banned the color pink, he was willing to buy the winter essentials in this wonderful color.

Our sweet little girl will continue to participate in the Collins tradition of bears. All bears all the time. On Saturday we headed to Kolhs to pick up a few things, through our adventures we found corduroy overalls with a bear on it... and now they are in our house.

We went to the doctor today. Little girl is about the size of a papaya. Now I don't personally know exactly the size of this fruit, but she is about 10 inches and one pound. I am amazed at her movement. When we heard her heart beat Josh said it sounded like she was jumping rope.
I am learning her sleeping patterns. She is awake when my alarm goes off around 6 and when I come home around 4 she normally kicks hard enough to surprise me.

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