Thursday, March 10, 2011


Cyprus and I have almost been in Minnesota for a week. What a crazy wonderful week it has been! We have had to adjust to the Minnesota way of living. The Norwegian people are very quiet. The three of us took an adventure to Target in Rochester, it was the quietest Target I have ever been to. As we were going down isles I found myself whispering. Cyprus on the other hand wanted everyone to know that she was playing with her daddy. Each day Cyprus gets all bundled up and we walk to Barr Lodge where Josh works. While J and I eat lunch, each staff member takes turns holder her.

Cyprus has been enjoying her snuggle time, I think she has been snuggled in every room in the house. Dance Parties in the kitchen are key when meals are being made.

Her mama has been keeping her bundled up at almost all times, poor girl hasn't seen her hands in two days. (This is really Abby's bouncy seat, that she is "letting" Cyprus use)

Abby has been doing a very good job adjusting, I think once she realized that Cyprus has to sleep in a cage she was fine with the new addition. We have had a couple of nights where we have had trouble calming C, however Abby is the first to try and get to her. As soon as Cyprus starts crying Abby is giving her kisses, we are still teaching Abby to stay away from eyes, and mouths. Ears are fine if she does not dig to deep.

And of course the swing of all swings! I personally would like an adult size swing like this.

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Mike and Beth said...

you people are gorgeous...all of you.