Monday, August 22, 2011

My First August

My cousins came to see me in August. They flew all the way from Washington State just to play. We had a blast. Simon likes to talk to me, but Fin loves to hug and kiss me!
We played many games. Those boys are silly!
I had a great time playing. Next time I see them I will be able to run after them, then they really will be in trouble.
Daddy and Mama thought that now that I am six months I can go camping. I was pretty impressed by all the sounds, lights and outdoors. We took Uncle Eric and Uncle Slade with us.
Mama and I slept in the car. I tricked them into thinking I would be fine sleeping through the night, boy did I have them going...
The next morning we had breakfast and packed up.
As you can see we all survived my first camping trip. Uncle Eric and Uncle Slade say I am welcome back anytime.

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Hannah Q. Parris said...

Looks like lots of fun!