Friday, February 8, 2013

So much to do!

Mama has been selling 31 for a couple of months now. I love getting presents at our door. Check out my new laundry basket that I get to put in my new bedroom when we move to my new house!

For all of you far away, there will be pictures of the house. We go over often, but a camera is always the last thing I think of when heading that way.

My little personality has really started to come out. I make jokes and funny faces to get a good laugh out of everyone. Ms. Lisa at daycare always tells mama how funny and smart I am. I do like a good joke!

Check out my new Elmo PJs! They are pretty spectacular! Gr'Anna and Papa got them for me for Christmas. They are super snugly warm..

Singing is very important in my family. Almost all papers have the notes to Itsy Bitsy Spider and ABC's. There are occasions when we run across pages that have the School Bus song, No matter the song, I am ready anytime of the day!

It's a pretty sad time now that football AND baseball are over. ESPN are not as fun. However, much to daddy and mama's distaste I have started watching basketball, and I think I understand it better than either one of them!

Yes, and there are times when I am just an in your face kind of gal. Just be careful, you don't want me to stick my paci in your mouth... it's a bad habit of mine.

Lastly, I have learned how to climb up on my changing table. Neither my table or my crib will be taking the short journey to our new house. I am getting a big girl bed!

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Mike and Beth said...

Love! And of course she loves basketball, just like her Grandma and GPa:)(and Boo and Pops....)