Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Outside Days

The Weant Family came to visit this past weekend for Cyprus' Baptism anniversary.  We had an amazing sleepover!

The backyard adventures have officially started. Now that the weather is warm and the wind is not to vicious. We are able to spend days and evenings outside playing. 

Cyprus loves a good adventure, the faster the better!

Monday Cyprus received a surprise from Uncle Sam. As she came around the corner to the house, I just happen to get a picture of her first gimps at her new playground. 

I guess we need to have some friends over to enjoy a nice outside meal. 

Up she went, and quickly!

She loved every second of it!

Summer Olympics 2026 here we come!

We started to teach her how to pump her legs. However, I think getting a nice push here and there is always nice. 

No fear!


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Hannah Q. Parris said...

These are so great! Love her expressions!