Friday, December 10, 2010

Old Friends

Time has really gotten away from me! Not only am I amazed that it is mid December, but our adventure with the Weant family was weeks ago.

Josh and I headed to Boone with Abby for a weekend. Abby reconnected with Gracie. At first they seemed to not know each other, but I think they were shy.

We were on a mission to ask Laura and Jonathan to be the God parents of Cyprus Virginia. They said yes and we celebrated with a nice supper fixed by Josh and then played cards. Abby however was on a different mission.

The picture below seems like a calm pasture filled with nice docile horses, just wanting to eat and enjoy life. However the picture was taken before Abby and Gracie (well, not really Gracie) got the best of them. Laura took us into the pasture to get a closer look of the horses. We were still many many yards away until Abby noticed them as well. After chasing after a couple of horses and getting them all riled up the stampede started. Yes, seven stampeding horses coming our way! If you have never experienced it, watching a very pregnant woman run through a field dodging horse poop, while screaming is quite an experience. While Laura and I did not find this adventure exciting, Josh found the entire experience quite humorous.

Abby didn't stop there, the five of us decided to climb a mountain. The girls, of course being the rule breakers that they are decided to climb without leashes. Gracie took it one step further and did not even wear a collar.

We made it a third of the way up and were caught by a park ranger. Of course the girls played dumb while we apologized. I was worried that I would have to fake labor to get us out of the mess, I think Laura and Josh were more concerned that I might go into labor.

We decided to make our stopping point here before the top of the mountain. I personally was fine with the decision.

We had a wonderful time with the Weants and won't forget our adventures anytime soon. We hope the next time we visit, Jonathan will be able to play more instead of leading a funeral.

For Christmas Josh and I bought a new camera. At the moment Abby is my model. She absolutely hates it and has hidden behind Josh in almost every shot. However I cornered her in the bathroom where she finally looked at me. I think we all know from her eyes exactly what she is thinking..... We made up later.

And of course here is the 30 week picture that I know you have all been waiting for. My kids at school have finally realized that I am pregnant. Last week one of my favorites told me that I was going to have a pop star baby, "You know Mrs. Collins, like Hannah Montana" He later told me that he hopes she will be as beautiful as I am. (Can you see why he is a favorite?) I did however ignore the fact that Hannah Montana and I are in the same category in his mind.