Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 2010, What a month!

So the Collins have been quite crazy and frantic over the past couple of weeks. Honestly just the past 10 days.
On December 2nd Josh was flown out to Minnesota for a job interview as a director for summer camp. He stayed less than 24 hours with 10 of those hours being interviewed time.
On Tuesday the 14th he accepted the job and the packing began. With on sight housing and the job starting on the 28th the rush to pack up our lives took precedence over Christmas cards, friends and pregnancy.
Poor Abby did not take the news very well.
I did finally get a picture of her in the bouncy seat, even if it was filled with Josh's clothes
The moving experience was quite an adventure in North Carolina, and I bet it will continue in Minnesota. All of our items were supposed to be picked up on the 23rd, but due to some complications from the movers we did not get taken care of until the 24th. Abby stayed at Pink Street as long as she could take it before the two of us took off to Newton to start our Christmas, leaving Josh to handle the rest of the moving. Before we left, Abby made sure to tell her Ray good-bye. He will always be her favorite neighbor.

On Christmas Day we were woken up to a wonderful snowfall. Mike and Beth had already left to fly across country to see the rest of their family. Josh and I took time for ourselves to just be. Abby got to experience the beginning of a long road of snow.
When we went to bed around midnight last night it was still snowing. Thankfully when we woke up this morning at 3:30 the snow had stopped. Josh, Abby and Shovel all got in J's truck and headed out for their long day on the road.
I am going to stay in North Carolina and finish up the school year. Mike and Beth have been gracious enough to let me steal a bedroom and bathroom for the next six months. Josh will return for Cyprus' birth and a couple more times before June.

After super sad goodbyes Shelby and I went back to sleep. Church had been cancelled due to the weather so we decided to take advantage of the perfect snow and have a little fun.

I love fresh snow!

Merry Christmas!

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