Friday, April 15, 2011

Life as we know it

Mama has done a horrible job keeping up this blog! There has been so many exciting things that have happened in my life and everyone is missing it! I am twice my age since the last entry. Even Pops is upset!
I have started making eye contact & smiling, however I still love ceiling fans the most!

Mama and I got back from Minnesota after three wonderful weeks with daddy. Since we have been back we have tried to catch up with friends. I have changed so much in such a few short weeks.

Once we got back mom went back to work. Boo & Pops took a couple of days with me and then Naomi came for two weeks to enjoy my presence. We had so much fun! She gave me my pirate name, Madam V.
During our visit with friends in Cherryville a tornado came by, while mama was worrying about her car in the hail storm I found the basement quite boring and took a nap.
When mama does come home from work I won't let her go. She has learned how to do many things with only one hand.
I won't be able to stand it if it takes another month for mama to show pictures of me! Oh the agony!

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