Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a busy week

This past week has been super busy. I had fun every single day.

Last Sunday I was saved by Grace, however I am still trying to figure out who Grace is and why she saved me. Daddy said he would explain it to me when I get a little older.

If he forgets I know that my fairy Godmother and Godfather will explain.

On Monday I went and met my Gammy and Pop Pop. They gave me a really cute bank to put all of my coins in. All I have to do now is figure out what coins are and how to pick them up.

Tuesday Morning Papa and Granna watched me while daddy and mama went on a date. They had lunch and went to the movies. Papa & Granna treated me like a princess.

Wednesday the three of us headed to Cherryville to visit Mike, Heather & all of there children. One day when I get big I will get to play with lizards, barbies, the wii and eat brownies. I can't wait!
Thursday daddy & mama took me to dinner with Steven and Bonnie. While everyone ate Mexican I got passed around to be loved on.
Friday Uncle David and Zippy (grandma Jane) came all the way from Lexington to meet me. Once again I won them over with my smiles and talking. No one can resist my ability to talk.

Mama and I went for a walk in the rain after our company left and everyone else took naps, however I got to take a nap as well, it was just outside.

Saturday Easter came! The bunny told daddy that he had a ton of kids he had to see so I got my basket dropped off early. Who can look at a camera during a time like this?

Sunday morning I got bundled up to go to sunrise service at 6:30. It was great! My two favorite things: Daddy & Outside. Pops wasn't that bad either, he sang and talked real loud.

After worship the people with teeth had breakfast. I decided it would be a good time to get in a nap since this part of church did not pertain to me.


Mike and Beth said...

Great pics....happy, happy, joy,joy!

Mike and Beth said...

Love you!