Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beautiful May

Over the past two weeks I have fully experienced tummy time, thanks to my babysitter Shannon. I am now on a mission to get that bear! He just looks so nice.
Hello Mr. Bear! Are you going to be my new friend?
There is question about whether or not I am getting teeth. All I know is that I love sucking and chewing on mama's thumb.
I have also learned that the refrigerator is amazing, so many different colors. I don't understand why these people open up the fridge to look at all the colors, it's cold in there. The outside is just as pretty.
I love my new Noah's Arc book I got for Easter, but I do have questions. Why does only one bunny brings books? What about the other one? And what about all the other animals? What holiday do they bring me toys?
I do have one more important thing to say to everyone reading this.
I am a little late, but
Happy Mother's day!


The Broome's said...

So cute! Hope you all are doing well!

Parker said...

What a peanut! I love the pictures of Cyprus in the knit hoodie. It's just too much!!!