Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early November

As you can see I am getting into everything! Here are a few pictures to sum up my past couple of weeks. Pictures are becoming more scarce since I don' t have time to pose anymore. There are to many things to see and do.

When you have to use your hands to move around, the mouth is the next best option.
And I'm off
Mama had to put my Nuke in so I wouldn't eat the leaves. She ruins all the fun!
It just looks like I have been left, but don't worry someone had to have taken the photo.
Daddy gets home late but still wants to play in the yard with me. Even if it is dark I can still show him my standing up trick.
After the dry run with the duck bathtub mama decided it was not the smarted decision to add water. Slippery babies are harder to catch.
Where to now Mr. Duck?

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