Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mama has gone far enough

We do not have time to stop for a photo opportunity, our tigers are in deep trouble! Dabo would not be impressed by our lack of enthusiasm during the game.

So my mama is driving me absolutely crazy! She keeps putting this same dress on me to get the "perfect" picture. I don't think she understands how much I don't want to do this. We had to travel all over the yard to get pictures taken. I must admit that those hard children in the yard really don't have very much personality.

Hey man, do you get your picture taken often? I personally don't like it, especially when I have to wear a dress. Does your mama make you dress up?

Listen buddy, keep doing your thing. I'll come back for you!

I am done! D-O-N-E! Why must the pictures continue!

I'll hide behind this nice lady statue. Maybe the camera won't find me..... Dang it!

Well you are a sweet boy.
Ok mama, if I smile nicely can I get out of this dress?

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