Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Family of Three

What an amazing weekend. Daddy, mama, and I had so much fun! We went to the science center and daddy taught me about all the animals. Tell me again daddy, is this a moose or a goose?
Roll it Daddy, roll that golf ball, I'll get it for you!
Wow look at this big blue cave! I wonder what would happen if I keep going in this direction....
Oh no mama your stuck also! Now we will never get out of this cave. The moral of this cave is to never craw up, because then you and mama have to slide down. Daddy! Help! I HATE THIS CAVE!
I don't know guys, sharks and sting rays don't seem like a good combination.
My first solo swing! This is so much fun!
Slides are amazing too
Dad, what are we going to do next weekend?


Hannah Q. Parris said...

You guys are so beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

You all look great!!! I miss seeing you. Happy New Year and lots of love from the Tippettes!