Sunday, January 1, 2012

In my 12 days of Christmas

Who loves Christmas? THIS GIRL!!
Granna and I ate biscuits at Naomi's house. We both agree that Fort Awesome is just that.
Check out my dinosaur sweater... it might be purple but I am T-U-F-F, Tough
There are my Boo and Pops in our favorite room in the house.
So much, So much.. OH MY!
These obstacles are really in my way!
Hey there's my dad
What could it be?
Christmas = Church= Dress
My friend Ellie came over one day to play.

Christmas vacation really was an amazing adventure. It was packed with lots of journeys and discoveries. There are so many people who we are thankful for this holiday season. This Blog does not even touch on all the loved ones we saw.

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